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Stop brittle finger nails. Help your nails grow strong and shiny with magnesium powder. Can magnesium improve the condition of your finger nails?

As a chronic migraine sufferer of 15 years and no hope on the horizon of them easing up I’m at the point where I am looking for reliable alternatives to prescribed medication. The migraine trust has information on the use of supplements so recently I purchased magnesium oxide in tablet and powder form.

I started taking the tablet form roughly between 4-6 weeks ago. The recommended dose is between 400-500mg a day. It can be 600mg, again, as always it depends what you read. The tablets came in 375mg so I was cutting up other tablets to get the full required dosage of 500mg. To begin with I think I had an intake of anywhere between 500-600mg per day.

However after some surprising emergency stop offs at any bathroom I could find, it was the best for everyone that I lowered the dose and tried to be more precise with the intake. If you hadn’t figured it out, high doses of magnesium oxide can cause laxative effects. The joys.

I was keen to be taking as pure a form of magnesium oxide as I could so I ordered magnesium oxide powder. There is nothing wrong with the the tablets, 500mg of magnesium in a tablet is the same as the 500mg powder when it comes down to it. However, the tablets are full of filler ingredients that I didn’t want in my system if I could avoid it.

At present I am guessing the amount of powder I take. I don’t have the time every morning to weigh it out specifically so I am going with the recommended dosage on the tub of a quarter of teaspoon equalling 400mg.

Research dictates that you have to wait 3 months to notice any changes with migraines however I have been more interested in my finger nails. Despite breaking a nail typing this, my finger nails have been gooood! I usually experience soft, weak, brittle nails that layer. Uneven texture and colour are the norm for me. However 2 days ago I noticed my nails are smooth, shiny, even toned and they haven’t layered or peeled in some time now. They are thicker and stronger, not by much, but slightly as they are lasting longer before breaking, bending and splitting.

I have researched if magnesium can do this and it is pretty inconclusive. There is nothing definitive that I can find that says “yes, magnesium strengthens nails”. When I Google how to strengthen nails, magnesium isn’t top of the list of “ingredients”. It is however indirectly linked through magnesium being proven to help relieve stress and improve sleep thus improving your health and wellbeing and positively impacting your finger nails that way.

There is nothing new or different in my diet, other than trying to cut down my sugar intake? Magnesium is the only new thing I have going in to my system and I am not using anything new topically on my hands. Either way, it’s a nice surprise and something I think I am going to attribute to my magnesium oxide intake.

Magnesium tablets bought from “The Range” store and Magnesium powder bought from

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