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Maintain your eyebrows at home cheap and easy. Battle of the hassle free eyebrow razors: bellabeauty vs amoore

If like me you have hair that appears to grow back at the speed of light, then you will be looking for cheap, quick and easy to do hair removal.

Specifically referring to facial hair, having tried hair removal creams on my face that burned and threading that quite frankly hurt like an absolute bitch and left red bumps and ingrowing hairs on my chin I turned to razors. Yes, I could have facial hair waxed but that is time, effort and money! I want something I can do myself at home.

I have had dermablading done and it left my face very smooth and fuzz free. I do recommend it. The beautician said at the end “actually you don’t have very much “peach fuzz” or dead skin”. So, that aside, I wasn’t going to continue to pay £40 for dermablading. So I thought, maybe I could do this myself to trim those unsightly lip and chin hairs.

No I am not recommending everyone take an eyebrow razor to their face. I am reviewing the razors and what I did with them. Each to their own, it’s your choice what you do too.

So I bought amoore 3 pack eyebrow trimmers and bellabeauty eyebrow razor set.

Price: amoore came in at £2.99 for three razors on Amazon with free postage. I bought bellabeauty from TKmaxx and it was £3.99 for 3 razors. I find the price good as you get three razors. 5 out of 5 on price.

Packaging; Both came in plastic pockets. Not good for the environment having single use plastic packaging but clean and hygienic to wipe down if you will be keeping the razors in there. The razors themselves are made of plastic. The difference is simply the pattern. One set is coloured plastic, the other set has 2 patterned razors. The plastic is solid enough to get a grip of but it can bend and it can snap. The razor itself is contained in plastic. The plastic material of the razor itself is easy to wipe down and keep clean. There is a hinge to allow the blade to be folded down in to the handle like an old school cut throat shaving razor. Yes, they look cheap. Yes they also feel cheap. But they were cheap so you get what you pay for. There is no luxury here! 3 out of 5 for the packaging because of everything being single use plastic and flimsy.

Effectiveness: The razors on both are very very similar but on close inspection there are differences. Mainly that one razor blade is slightly sharper than the other.

The amoore blades are very low quality, flimsy and not very sharp. Yes, if you tried, you could cut yourself. However I pressed down on the blade very hard and it only left an indent in my finger. It did not cut the skin at all. Yes, that’s good knowing you aren’t going to slice your eyebrows/face to pieces but you also need a decent razor that is going to have a clean cut. The amoore razor will cut hairs around the eyebrows and upper lip but it’s not smooth and it’s not clean. I had to go over the same spot several times because the razor isn’t sharp enough for a clean cut and it just drags along the skin. The razor blade itself is very long and doesn’t allow for angle or precision trimming which kind of defeats the purpose. No issues with razor burn so to speak or irritation. I give the amoore razor 1 out of 5 for effectiveness.

bellabeauty has a slightly sturdier and sharper razor. It gives a clean cut and doesn’t drag along the skin as much. It’s more effective at trimming hairs and if using to remove some dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, is a more effective razor for doing so. I much preferred using the bellabeauty razors. It also is a long razor so not easy for precision angles. Also, no irritation to the skin from using the razors. I give the bellabeauty razors 2.5 out of 5 for effectiveness.

To summarise, we have 2 sets of plastic packaging and handle razors, pretty patterns and colours, easy to keep clean, both low quality razor blades, long razor blades that don’t allow for angles or precision trimming, a cheap price but a blunt cut overall. amoore scored 9 out of 20 and bellabeauty scored 10.5 out of 20.

In conclusion, they both do what you need them to do they just don’t do it well. If you had a few upper lip hairs that needed to go promto, both razors would do the job. I would recommend the bellabeauty razors over the amoore razors for the main fact that one the bellabeauty razor blade is ever so slightly sturdier and sharper. I wouldn’t rebuy the amoore razors but I would rebuy the bellabeauty if I had to and couldn’t get access to any other eyebrow trimming razor.

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