Beauty, Skin Care, Sunscreen has been live for 2 months! Exciting and fast paced but worth it. The way to express yourself is through blogging.

I thought I had started this blog about a month or so ago but it seems it was May 11th when my first post went live. Time sure does go by quick. I am still getting in to the swing of this as I am sure you can tell. I am still finding a niche and a direction hence why I have 8 blogs entries so far.

My aim is write about what I am passionate about. Skincare! I want to share my thoughts and opinions with you all about any skin and beauty products I have been using. I want to post blogs about products and take a look at the ingredients so I am able to give you in depth informative reviews to decide if a product is for you or not. I will also be blogging about health and life in between if something tickles my fancy but I am a beauty blogger so that will be the basis of Sam Says. I plan to post more regularly but as you all you know, life gets in the way. Wish me luck!!

So what to expect from me and my blog? My aim is to post three times a week. Yikes. What that is going to look like is this…

On a Monday I plan to post reviews of any products that have recently failed me and explain why they haven’t worked for me. Check out my first review on The Ordinary Niacinamide to read what I thought of it.

I have recently started a skinscare series that goes live on a Thursday. I plan to post a review of a product that has caused my skin to react or has high irritation potential. I will do my best to try and highlight potential irritating ingredients so you can have an awareness of possible irritants before slapping something on yer face! Check out what I have got so far! Reviews on a Toner, Beauty Balm and Gold Face Mask are good to go. A review on an Origins Product coming next week.

Battle of! On a Saturday I plan to post a comparative review of 2 products that are similar to try and conclude if one is a better buy than the other. Reviews already up on the battle between ceramide creams and eyebrow razors. Give them a read! A review on Asian SPF coming next week.

Best laid plans and all that. I better get on it as I don’t have a finished products fail ready to go live on Monday!!

Catch me on Monday to find out what product confused me!

S x

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