Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish in Marine Blue 340

Just nipping on to fire out a quick review on the nail polish I am wearing today. I have been continuing to use magnesium daily which I do feel is improving the strength of my nails so I thought I would wear nail polish.

Today I am wearing Marine Blue. I love aqua/teal colours!

Packaging: Square glass bottle with long handle, which is good for gripping. For some reason, I much prefer square bottles to round #personalpreference. The brush is the standard type brush bristle you would expect with a nail polish. The fibres are soft and flexible and glide on easily and are longer than some brushes I have seen.

Price: I can’t comment on the price as I can’t seem to find the product. Not great! Apologies.

Application: It goes on quite sheer and to get a solid even colour you need to apply three thin layers, with enough drying time in between otherwise they start to thicken up and it is hard to keep smooth on the nail. You can apply two thicker layers but that requires more skill as the nail polish is less malleable when it is thicker. It also takes longer for the layer to dry if it is thicker. This isn’t a quick application job for running out the door, you would need a good ten minutes to get this right or it would look like a disaster, a bit like mines does now as I never let it dry long enough on the right hand. My left hand looks lovely, however.

It dries down within a few minutes but my advice would be not to do anything whilst it dries as it smudges really badly!

It dries down a lovely aqua colour with a nice shine and sheen and a little bit of pearlescence in there. It’s not glitter, at all, but it’s definitely very mildly sparkly looking when the light hits it which I happen to love!

Highly recommend the colour, you just require patience with the formula! I will definitely be wearing this colour again when I have time to make it look as good as the colour deserves.

S x

Wear test update: On the bottle it says “up to 10 days”. Unfortunately it isnt a long wearing colour. This is Saturday July 27th and as you can see it is chipped and faded. This pretty much started the day after I put it on. Shame. I will finish the bottle and wouldn’t buy this range of nail polish again.

4 days wear.

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