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Skinscare series blog post tomorrow!

What’s coming this week?

Hello people. So far this week I have been on track with the promise I made to post a product fails blog. It was a dodgy shampoo this week! I didn’t even think shampoo could be dodgy.

Tomorrow is a blog for my skinscare series on a well known Origins product. Come check it out tomorrow. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did researching it. Share your thoughts with me tomorrow!

I am in the process of getting my SPF comparison blog sorted to go live on Saturday as promised. We have got Biore vs. Nivea vs. Hada Labo! Its a three man race this time!! I’ve been working on it tonight so let’s hope it is ready in time.

Learn to love SPF!

I’ve been researching another really interesting serum this week with a fascinating ingredients list. I’ve put endless hours in to so far so I will share that with you soon!

I have also put up a wee nail polish review and my first blog talking about my experience of migraines. There will be more blogs to come under health and well-being talking about my experience of migraine in the hope of raising awareness of a really debilitating neurological disorder.

See you all tomorrow! And thank you to all my followers. It means a lot to have people interested in my blog.

S x

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