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Migraines have taken over my life!

Hello followers. I hope you’re all well!

Sadly, I am not. I’ve not had as many blog posts up as I would like and it is simply because migraines are running and ruining my bloody life right now. Fortunately last week I only had 2 migraine attacks. However, the week before last I had 6. For anyone that knows about migraines, it isn’t just about the migraine attack itself. It is about the prodrome and the postdrome, which hit me quite hard. Essentially, what that means in really simple terms is you feel shit a couple of days before a migraine attack and you feel shit for a couple of says after a migraine attack. So, even if you have one migraine attack a week, you can feel crap for the whole week by the time it has run its course. And when, like me, you have 6 migraines in a week that leave you incapable, in bed, hating noise, light, sound, smell and touch, you can’t do a damn thing but moan in pain and hate every moment of your present existence.

This link will take you to a clear timeline of a migraine attack so you can have a better understanding of when someone is having a migraine and how it impacts on them. Please don’t assume it is a headache, or just a bad headache and please don’t say that to anyone who experiences migraine. Migraines for me, and 6 million other people in just the UK alone, are terrifying. When I am nearing the end of my migraine medication or if I am out and about without it, I actually get anxious and worried because I know how severe my attack will become if I don’t get my medication within the small window of time I have to make it efficacious.

I get my medication in packs of 6 (I am now requesting double at a time). They have granted it this time but I now need to go see a GP in person to review this request. Such a faff and waste of time! Given that I had 6 migraines the week before last you can see how quickly it disappears. It takes a week for my repeat prescription to be filled…you see how it all takes over your life? And now I need to arrange a GP appointment before it all runs out again.

When I feel a migraine coming on I have to take a Triptan Nasal Spray (I vomit too much to be able to use it in tablet form), 1000mg of Asprin to thin my blood to reduce the expansion of the blood cells in my sinuses and brain that can cause severe pain (hope I don’t vomit) and an anti sickness tablet (not as efficacious as they used to be, again hope I don’t vomit) and 2 co-codamol tablets (500mg Paracetamol/30mg codeine). I then pray to a god I don’t believe in that I sleep! If I don’t sleep I am in for hours of misery and pain that I can’t get away from and can get no relief from other than being in a pitch black room that is silent! I convince myself that a cold face cloth on my forehead helps. I’m not sure it does but the placebo effect and all that.

I have bags and boxes of medication every where I go. There is no such thing as a clutch bag for me on a night out.

Back to my point of being an evasive blogger recently…I have been working on a lot of blog posts at once (I really need to finish one at a time) and due to being so unwell for a couple of weeks, I haven’t managed to get anything finished. Luckily, the Cetaphil Daily Moisturiser Review was written over a month ago and scheduled or even that wouldn’t have made the light of day.

I managed thankfully to fire out the Vichy Booster review this week so I hope you have enjoyed both of those reviews.

I’m going to try and get some blog posts finished this week. I have also been doing some major gardening works in my garden and the neighbours and trying to plan for our trip to the Hebrides…oh and holding down a full time job.

I will sleep when I’m dead.

S ❤ x

7 thoughts on “Migraines have taken over my life!”

  1. So sorry to read you. I can totally relate to your nightmare. I am suffering from Trigeminal neuropathy and encephalomyelitis. It’s true pain can totally “eat” your life. Hoping you will find a solution to make the attacks less and less frequent. Sweet sweet thoughts.


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