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Red, irritated skin? Keep your skin protected, supple and smooth. This is the emollient Baume for you. SVR Topialyse Baume Intensif Anti Recidive First Impression

[SVR Topialyse Baume Intensif Anti Recidive First Impression]

I picked out the SVR Baume as one of my 5 Feel Unique Pick N Mix items in July. I love a wee Pick N Mix. It was a good sized 10ml tube so that’s a Brucy Bonus of a sample size.

[Who are SVR and what does the Topialyse Range do?]

SVR is a French cosmetics brand that prides itself on creating products that have a scientific evidence base. They aim to provide beautiful skin, with the highest grade ingredients without causing irritation. Having a look around their website, it reminds me of other French cosmetics brands – Avene, La Roche Posay, Bioderma, Vichy. It has many different product ranges all aimed at specific skin types and skin concerns. The website looks lovely, but it’s very typical of a French cosmeceutical brand. I would say check it out if you are looking for a minimal ingredients list. Based on the ingredients I think I prefer it to Avene and I am a fan of Avene and use their products.

Viva La France

The Topialyse range is designed specifically for dry to very dry atopic skin. Based on the consistency of the baume, I could tell it was aimed at those with dry, irritated skin #shinymess

When your skin is irritated this is because your skin barrier is compromised and not in an optimal healthy condition. What emollients like the SVR Baume do is create a protective (slightly occlusive) layer on top of the skin. This provides protection from further exposure to potential irritants like air, pollution etc. The emollient layer now keeps out potential irritants whilst allowing moisture and hydration to remain in the skin to help it heal. Emollients also soften and nourish the skin by filling in the gaps, so to speak, in the skin cells to help it feel soft and smooth (rather than dry and flaky). Appearances are everything da’ling.

[What the website says about the Baume]

It has a minimalist formula to reduce the risk of reaction and increase likelihood of tolerance to the Baume. With only 20 ingredients, it is effective at reducing itchiness as all ingredients have been selected due to their gentle and effective nature.

46% consists of emollient ingredients to replenish lipids in the skin, 10% of which is cotton oil (rich in Omega 3,6 and 9 to restore skin barrier). 6% coconut oil which is also rich in Omega’s and also leaves skin feeling soft. 4% Niacinamide for its skin-soothing and hydration abilities. Babassu butter has been used in place of silicones. It allows for a slippery texture and allows the Baume to be spread easily whilst providing “nutrition and comfort”. I can’t comment on the nutrition…probably just means it helps the skin. Like eating veggies. We all know it’s good for us. Glycerin for its humectant abilities, prebiotic sugar to restore the skins natural defences and phospholipids are structurally similar to the makeup of the skin allow for the Baume to be highly tolerated by the skin.

Don’t we all wish we had skin this clear, smooth and bright? Let’s look after our skin barrier.

[My First Impression]

Price: I got the Baume as one of 5 samples for £3.99. However, it can be purchased on at a cost of £11.40 for 200ml, is £19.00 for 400ml and is charging £16.00 for 400ml. The Feelunique product doesn’t look identical however I think it is the same product with slightly different packaging.

My thoughts on the price? At the end of the day, when your skin is on fire and something works for you, price isn’t an option. All you want is some relief from scratching! I speak from childhood experiences of horrendous eczema. I haven’t tried many creams for dry skin since my eczema ridden childhood, however, if this is primarily touting itself as an emollient then why not just slap E45 on? It has a very minimal ingredient list also. E45 is an option, however, E45 is using paraffin oil and really is just trying to create a massive layer on top of the skin to prevent anything from causing further irritation. This Baume has skin soothing, healing and reparative ingredients which looking at the E45 ingredients list, it doesn’t have. Vanicream is the same.

Avene XeraCalm is a similar idea to SVR with different ingredients to help with soothing and healing. The price point isn’t too expensive when in the market for a French branded atopic skin cream. £16.00 for 400ml is actually a lot of product for not a lot of money. Think of the price people pay for face creams? The 400ml can be used on face and body so I think the price is reasonable.

Packaging: The 200ml comes in a standard white soft plastic tube. You know the kind. The 400ml comes in a pump bottle so that is more economical and easy to use on a daily basis. It is a slippery cream so if you’re using the tube with slippy hands you may have a battle on your hands. I would recommend the 400ml for ease of use in the home and 200ml if you plan on carrying it around with you.

Experience and Texture: Generally speaking, I found this product to be pleasant enough to use. Very mild, almost not there smell. The texture is very emollient and leaves a layer on your skin, like it is supposed to do. It doesn’t really ever completely absorb or rub in but then it is not meant to. This does exactly as it says it is meant to. However it is definitely designed for those with dry and very dry skin only. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with normal or oily skin. God help anyone with oily skin who uses this. It would be as if your face is melting off.

It’s not opaque or translucent in colour in any way. It is an emollient white baumy texture. I used it at night for a few nights and in the morning my face still felt slippy. My skin did feel soft and supple but it already was before. It works very well as an emollient and occlusive moisturiser. It would be good for anyone with dry skin to use on top of a humectant. It wouldn’t be letting any moisture out at all. I did get a few clogged pores and sore whiteheads appear after the second use. I can’t be certain if it was down to the Baume but I hadn’t changed anything else in my routine. However, I have normal skin so it was too emollient and occlusive for me.

However, I don’t have dry irritated skin so I was left with a shiny slippy face when using the Baume. But that was to be expected as the Baume was not designed for my skin type.

Smell: I hadn’t noticed much of a smell initially as it is mild. However, after reading the SVR website where it states it has used coconut oil to create an aroma, low and behold I can smell coconut. It doesn’t smell like a Pina Colada or coconut suncream, it smells like a Bounty Chocolate bar or even more so the first thing that came to my mind is a coconut macaroon. It smells exactly like a coconut macaroon. The round flat coconut things you get in Tesco with the rice paper bottoms! I want to start biting my hand when I smell it. Yummy! It has no artificial fragrance so that is a massive bonus. I am fed up of kicking around Boots like a weirdo and picking up all the French Brand products that are touted as “sensitive” only to find them full of fragrance. However, if you don’t like coconut or your skin doesn’t react well to coconut, then this is not the one for you.


Bold = bad for oily skin, comedogenic or fungal acne trigger according to Skincarisma.

Lots of emollients and humectants. This will definitely restore moisture.

Cottonseed oil has minimal research and information on it generally. Google tells me it has high concentrations of vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidant properties. It is beneficial for moisturising and reducing skin inflammation. It can however also be an irritant and comedogenic according to INCI. We all know the back and forth about coconut oil. People swear by it, others say it is irritating and can exasperate skin conditions. I think we can all agree that it can be comedogenic. INCI didn’t have a lot of information on some of the ingredients so I used skincarisma to highlight potential ingredients that might have caused my sore whiteheads.


  • The price is reasonable. £1 for 25ml of product.
  • The pump bottle for the 400ml is practical and economical.
  • It has a lot of emollients and skin soothing ingredients to protect and heal atopic skin
  • It is fragrance free.
  • Preservative free (what is being used to preserve then…?)
  • It has no silicones or parabens
  • It has a minimal ingredient list
  • It has a nice texture
  • The smell it does have is mild and not overpowering
  • It blends well on the skin
  • It didn’t pill with other products


  • It can only be used for very dry skin. It has no flexibility for other skin types.
  • I have tried to use it and it left my skin feeling slippery and oily.
  • It may have caused sore whiteheads on my skin
  • It has a lot of comedogenic ingredients such as coconut oil.
  • I don’t know what is being used to preserve the product? Something will have anti microbial properties but it’s not obvious what.

This Baume has a lot of good stuff going for it and the negatives are mainly down to the fact that my skin type wasn’t appropriate for the product. I am impressed it is fragrance free and I think this could be a good product for someone who has dry atopic skin. It is a shame that is has such a lot of acne and comedogenic ingredients however this may not be as much of an issue for someone with extremely dry skin. It may help to moisture the skin and help the skin naturally start to produce oils. I would say it has potential to be helpful for skin conditions but not to be used as a general moisturiser or for normal or oily skin types.

Buy SVR Topialyse Baume Intensif*

S ❤ x

*indicates affiliate link

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