About Sam

Melbourne, 2017.

Hello! Welcome. Thanks for being here!

My name is Sam, I am in my 30s and I live in Scotland. I live in a lovely tiny little village in the countryside waking up every morning to the sound of birds…and cows. Beyond normal life of work and renovating the house, I am usually trying some form of make up and skincare or reading or writing about it. I can remember wearing make up since the age of 12 and I have always enjoyed experimenting with it. It wasn’t until 2018 when I had some time off my full time job due to a back injury that I discovered a passion for skincare. I had spent years wearing make up to cover up my skin imperfections. It had never really occurred to me to try and improve my skin instead of covering it up! So 5 months off work left me with a lot of time to delve in to the beauty community on Youtube. I have really enjoyed learning about skincare and going through the trials and tribulations of finding products that work for me. I’m sure you can appreciate what a battle that it is.

I’ve now chosen blogging as the platform to share my thoughts and views on beauty and skincare products I have tried in the process and connect with lots of lovely people along the way. So bare with me while I develop this blog!

Follow me to read reviews on beauty and skincare products (mostly) – from the winners to the outright fails whilst focusing on the main thing about skin care, it’s ingredients and what is actually does!

NB: Skin type – I am pale and have red hair and lots of freckles. I have normal skin that can at times be dehydrated with the occasional break out around my chin and jaw line.

All views are strictly my own. Photos are my own or from free stock.

I have no professional background in this field and I am teaching myself through research. Reviews of beauty products and skincare are my views and based on research of the ingredients. Please do not use views on this blog to replace medical advice.

All questions and queries can be directed to samsaysblogger@gmail.com

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S x